Book Talk: Women, Healthcare and Violence

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 5:00pm
A-8, Academic Block, LUMS

Dr. Sara Rizvi Jafree's book sheds light on the near million women healthcare practitioners across Pakistan who face some form of workplace violence almost daily during care delivery. There is a deep-rooted relationship between gender and violence in the country. Regressive traditional beliefs and theological interpretations sanction sustained violence against women nurses, doctors and lady healthcare workers, at the hands of different perpetrators. The irony is that most frontline women healthcare practitioners, who are responsible for the lives of the public, are unable to prevent their own victimization! This book records statistical findings and oral voices of women practitioners, as they reveal the realities of harassment, bullying and abuse.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (UK), Dr. Rizvi worked in the corporate sector institutes of Unilever, GalxoSmithKline and Tetra Pak. She gained valuable experience in account planning and human resource development, respectively. She took a break from formal sector employment for 5 years post the birth of her daughters (though she continued lecturing part-time); and after they joined school, she began working full-time, while simultaneously pursuing her PhD degree from University of the Punjab, Institute of Social and Cultural Studies. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Forman Christian College- A Chartered University, in the Sociology Department and is pursuing research in Gender, Public Health and Microfinance.