Lights Out

Directed by Fawad Khan

SWGI hosted the play, Lights Out directed by Fawad Khan this semester as well. Fawad Khan graduated from NAPA with a major in direction for stage 2008. Since then he has been consistently doing theatre, and being passionate about all aspects of theatre, he has not only been directing but acting and writing as well. The performers in the play were: Syed Meesam Nazar Naqvi, Kulsoom Aftab Ahmed, Muhammad Farhan Alam Siddiqui, Muhammad Samhan Ghazi, Kiran Siddiqui, and Ayesha Pervaiz

The play was set in the apartment of Laila and Rahat. Every night, they heard screams coming from the compound next to their apartment building. Laila waned her husband, Rahat, to report the screams to the police, while Rahat did not believe the screams were as loud as Laila was making them out to be. They heard the screams night after night, and swtiched off their lights, to prevent their windows from being broken. After the scene is set, the play then moves on to explore the following questions: what's happening outside? Are the screams real? Is a crime being committed?

The play touches upon themes of violence, patriarchy, apathy, and justice to name a few and this was explored in a panel discussion with the director and Ms. Saleema Hashmi after the performance.