Student Colloquium 2017



FRIDAY, 28th April

Panel 1 - Law, Policy and Vulnerability (11:30am – 1:30pm)
Venue: A7

Faculty Discussant: Anushay Malik, Assistant Professor, MGSHSS

1. Female Sensitive Issues in Rehabilitating and Repatriating the IDPs of FATA -Najeeha Raza and Arooj Shams
2. Gender and Climate Change – Omer Akif
3. Patriarchy, Public Policy and Land Rights for Women in Pakistan, Sana Raffique and Ayesha Khalid

Panel 2 – Masculinities (11:30am – 01:30pm)
Venue: A9

Faculty Discussant: Emad Ansari, Assistant Professor, SAHSOL
1. Understanding of Masculinity - Ayesha Khwaja
2. Exploring the complexities and processes that lead to high male dropout rate at secondary level in Pakistan – Jahsir Shahbaz and Talha Ahmed
3. Roohi mai hamai Azadi milti hai; Masculine Performances & Place-Making in Cholistan Desert - Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi

Panel 3 – Gender and Space (3pm – 5pm)
Venue: A7

Faculty Discussant: Nida Kirmani, Associate Professor, MGSHSS
1. It's Her Fault: Gendered Mobility, Space and Risk at the University of Karachi, Humna Farooqi and Komal Hajani
2. Gender, Space and dis-Belonging: Experience of Public Space in Lahore and London - Sama Khan
3. Gender and Taking Control of Spaces - Sakina Hassan

Panel 4 – Representing Gendered Worlds (3pm – 5 pm)
Venue: A9

Faculty Discussant: Maria Amir, Teaching Fellow, MGSHSS
1. Portrayal of Polygamy in Pakistani television dramas: A case study of ‘’Mera Saeein & Dosri Bivi” – Arooj Aurangzaib
2. A Patriarchal Construct for Female Body Image: Advertisements in Pakistan – Aysha Pervaiz
3. Broadcasting the Divide: Gender and Class differentiation within the Representation of Women Domestic Workers in the Pakistani Media - Mahrukh Saleem Ansari
4. Representation of Gender in Pakistani Television - Syeda Kazmi 


Keynote by Dr. Fouzia Saeed – 5:30pm
Venue: A-11

Followed by Documentary Screening by the Fearless Collective, and interactive session with Nida Mushtaq (Fearless Collective) – 6:30 pm

Panel 5 – Conceptions of Crime, Honour and Violence (11am – 1pm)
Venue: A7

Faculty Discussant: Saba Pirzadeh, Assistant Professor, MGSHSS
1. Accused Females Committing Offences under Section 302 – Namra Khawar and Amina Mazhar
2. Rape Culture in Pakistan – Mahnoor Tariq and Zaara Ehsan
3. Perceptions and representations of women's honour in Pakistan: a critical analyses through popular culture - Anam Fatima
4. Teenage Suicides in Hunza – Salma Khan 

Panel 6 – Gender, Agency and Education (11am – 1pm)
Venue: A9

Faculty Discussant: Tania Saeed, Assistant Professor, MGSHSS
1. Women Empowerment in Hunza: Highly Educated Women - Mehnaz Hayat
2. Gender Imbalance in Higher Education: Philosophical Debates and State Policies in Higher Education of Pakistan - Asma Majeed
3. Agency in Transgender Workers: A Case Study of Employment at Fountain House - Muhammad Hassan Qadeer
4. Gender Wage Inequality and Economic Growth - Mohd Ali Hassan

Panel 7- Mobility and Empowerment (2pm – 4pm)
Venue: A-7

Faculty Discussant: Ghazal Mir Zulfiqar, Assistant Professor, SDSB
1. Barriers to the Political Empowerment of Women in Lower Dir, KPK – Asif Khan
2. An Assessment of Migration and its Effects on Women in Lower Dir, KPK – Mohsin Ullah.
3. Aporia: The Feminist Method – Afrasiyab Khan

Panel 8 – Gendered Bodies and Affect (2pm – 4pm)
Venue: A-9

Faculty Discussant: Amen Jaffer, Assistant Professor, MGSHSS
1. Politics of the Governance of Womens’ Bodies - Bia Alina
2. Physically Impaired Women and the Issue of Marriage in Pakistan - Roheena Ali Shah
3. Navigating Loss: Death and Digital Possibilities of Women’s Grief Memoirs - Saman Tariq


Closing and Keynote by Nighat Dad (5:30pm)
Venue: Sayyed Saigol Auditorium