Research Opportunities

In line with its mission, the Saida Waheed Gender Initiative seeks to promote engagements that attend to the shifting and contested meanings of gender across different contexts. In addition to hosting events  and facilitating online conversations, the Initiative seeks to promote faculty and student research.

Faculty Grants

Currently, we have an open Call for Proposals that will provide grants to faculty for the pursuit of creative and interdisciplinary projects that address gender. These projects also seek to involve students as research assistants. For more information, and to access the application, click here.

Current Grantees and Projects


Grantee: Ghazal Zulfiqar, SDSB

Dr. Zulfiqar’s research focuses on the gendered hierarchies of domestic work, seeking to analyze power relations between differently situated women in the domestic sphere, and exploring how this is supported/challenged by the masculinized dynamics of public space.

Grantee: Amen Jaffer, MGSHSS

This research looks at forms of social organization and community networks in the Mozang locality of Lahore, especially emphasizing on the ways in which women play a key role in political mobilization. The current focus of the research is to study how women assume leadership positions in mohallah politics and the importance of culture and social networks to their political mobilization.


Grants for Seniors at LUMS

The Saida Waheed Gender Initiative offered small grants for student led research projects and senior projects that focused on, or used gender as a major analytical tool. Funds were decided after careful evaluation of the research proposal by the SWGI steering committee, and were limited to 20,000 PKR. Grantees also presented their work at the Annual Gender Studies Colloquium in April.

Grantees, 2017

Mehdi Ali Zaidi, People-Making and Placemaking in Cholistan Desert

Najeeha Raza and Arooj Shams, Gender Sensitization in rehabilitation and repatriation policies for IDPs of FATA


Sarah Raffique and Ayesha Khalid, Patriarchy, Public Policy and Land Rights for Women in Pakistan