Obscenity Discourse in Pakistan: a Talk by Dr. Farida Batool

Obscenity Discourse in Pakistan: A Talk by Dr. Farida Batool


About the speaker: Dr. Batool teaches at the National College of Arts, has a PhD in Media and Film studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London and an MA in Art History and Theory from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales in Australia (2003).

Abstract: The presentation will reflect on the rise of homemade and semi-professional videos that depict women in erotic Mujra dances, a popular genre in Pakistan. The emergence of digital media, camcorders, and mobile phone technology has enabled male consumers to produce mujra video to represent their desire. The work will tackle the question of how producers of such videos negotiate their practice in the present day socio-religious but digitally empowered Pakistani culture? It will also look at the larger question of obscenity discourse and male desire in present day Pakistani culture and society.


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