Research Mentoring Workshop



A cohort of 14 students from across public and private universities in Pakistan were selected for this workshop. This workshop aimed to help develop and support original research ideas related to gender and/or sexuality, which engaged primary and secondary sources. The workshop was open to a range of topics including but not limited to gender and religion, the media, literature, politics, social movements, feminist theory, masculinities and femininities, health and the body, sexuality, gender-based violence, history, and development.   

With this workshop SWGi hoped to help young researchers explore key questions about:

  • How can we actually "do gender" in practical terms?
  • What are useful methods and techniques for researching and writing from a gender perspective?
  • How can gender studies complement but also challenge other disciplines?
  • And conversely, what critiques and new ideas can other disciplines bring to gender studies?

A basic training in feminist research methodologies was provided by members of faculty and researchers here at LUMS university. Sessions on feminist methodologies, postcolonial feminist theory, ethnographic research, and researching sexuality were led by Dr. Nida Kirmani, Dr. Saba Pirzadeh, Dr. Ayesha Masood, and Aimen Bucha respectively. This workshop was an excellent opportunity for student participants to present their research proposals and receive valuable feedback from the academic research community at LUMS. The workshop's goal was to aid students at multiple stages of their education: from those in the final stages of undergraduate training to those active with graduate thesis research. A range of research topics were discussed and feedback was provided by faculty and researchers here at LUMS university, namely: Dr. Ayesha Masood, Dr. Hadia Majid, Dr. Shayan Rajani, Dr. Gwendolyn Kirk, Dr. Sameen Mohsin, Dr. Tania Saeed, Dr. Saba Pirzadeh, Dr. Zebunnisa Hamid, Dr. Nida Kirmani, and Aimen Bucha.


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