SWGI Gender Seminar Series on Embodiment and Virtue in Religious and Secular Imaginaries



Being 'Good' Women: Embodiment and Virtue in Religious and Secular Imaginaries

by Summer Qasim

Date: March 10, 2017

Time: 12:00 Noon 

Summer Qasim is a Lecturer of Anthropology at the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts at IBA, Karachi. She holds a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and an MA in Humanities and Social Theory from New York University. She was a 2005 Fulbright grant recipient for research in Syria and lived in the Levant long-term. Her broad interest is the comparative study of Middle Eastern/Islamic cultures and has pursued this in different intellectual projects - with special attention to human rights, the anthropology of piety groups in southern Beirut, and female Sufis in Damascus. Currently, she is exploring issues of gender and sexuality through a comprehensive comparative study of the resurgence of femininity amongst secular Euro-American and Muslim women and its relationship to feminist theory, neoliberalism and post colonialism.




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