Panelists: Dr. Ghazal Asif and Dr. Amen Jaffer
Where: Live on LUMS Facebook

The panelists discussed the vicissitudes of a unique mother and daughter relationship in Sindh, Pakistan as they negotiate their very different outlooks on the world, aspirations for themselves and one another, and resentments. Dr. Ghazal Asif unpacked the ways in which women mediate across the tensions of their status as religious minorities within family, work, and the kind of aspirations and choices they understood as available to them. They discussed the tensions and intimacies of a mother-daughter relationship, in the context of deep-seated casteist and religious prejudice, help reveal the logics, practices, and compromises through which women mediate family, profession, and personal ambition. Dr. Ghazal Asif argued that the hard labor of sustaining the nets of kinship within which one is caught can often lead to exhaustion, even in the most intimate of relations.