Speakers: Dr. Tahir Andrabi, Dr. Hadia Majid and Dr. Farah Said
Where: Live on LUMS Facebook

Saida Waheed Gender Initiative (SWGI) in collaboration with the Mahbub ul Haq Research Centre (MHRC) at LUMS held this online session. The panelists discuss some salient findings on education, marriage and labor market aspects of the lives of women aged (20-30) in the 2018 survey. They explore how generational shift in education outcomes between these women and their mothers, and between men and in the same age group. They also look at the effect of education on marriage likelihood, assortative spousal matching and the quality of the in-law relationship. Dr. Tahir Andrabi examines labor force participation, occupational sorting between men and women into “brain vs brawn” jobs and, using time use-data, he looks at the variation of paid vs housework of both married and unmarried women along the education dimension.