Panelists: Dr. Neha Kumar and Azra Ismail and Dr. Maryam Mustafa
Where: Live on SWGI Facebook

There has been growing interest in the application of data-driven and artificial intelligence (AI) in frontline health, further spurred by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this talk, the speakers shed light on the data work that these systems depend on, and the gender-based politics surrounding data work. They presented findings from an extensive literature review of 347 papers on ongoing AI efforts for frontline health, as well as ethnographic fieldwork conducted over three years with frontline health workers engaged in data work in Delhi (India). The analysis uncovers gaps in current data-driven efforts and outlines opportunities for design, while centering the perspectives of frontline health workers. The talk distills lessons from literature on Human-Computer Interaction for Development (HCI4D), post-development critique, and transnational feminist theory to present an agenda for AI or data-driven efforts that target “social good”, more broadly.