6:00 PM
Dr. Marcela Mandiola

Moderator: Dr. Ayesha Masood 

Abstract: Dr. Marcela Mandiola, Coordinator of Management and Organizational Thought Area, 17, Institute of Critical Studies, work focuses on the articulation between academia, organization and gender. More specifically, the articulation between academic practices, managerial management, and hegemonic masculinity in universities. As gender violence in the university becomes a political issue, higher education institutions have had to transform their agendas. However, Dr. Marcela points out that this transformation may have brought significant measures in programmatic and institutional areas, but the field of academic practices and the logics that govern their organization have remained untouched. She goes further to point out how in a managerial, masculine and heteronormative organizational context, gender often runs the risk of becoming an issue to ‘manage’ in the university and the scientific world, exempting the organizational process co-opted by management from any feminist interrogation. In the conclusion of her discussion, she emphasized on the need to redirect focus from individualistic change processes to the more structural and institutional aspects of inequality and, in particular, exclusionary politics and non-participatory decision-making.