VC Faculty Lounge, Academic Block, LUMS
Sobia Zaidi

Sobia Zaidi explained that Collecting Earth is the continuity of taking up space, finding her own flow and wave to dance through life and tapping into her expanded identity that is beyond the body, beyond geography and beyond human. An identity that is de-colonized, free-flowing, and unapologetic for its expansion and growth like wild forests and rivers. It is an attempt to rethink the term wild and to rewild the land, the body and art education. 


She recalled, "I have been collecting Earth for a while ago. I had an epiphany during an ecstatic dance session about how little space I've occupied in this world. I was raised to be a polite and apologetic person, always accommodating others in every possible way, sleeping on one side of the bed and waking up exactly there, hiding behind my bangs to avoid being seen and getting attention."