Dr. Uzma Afzal

SWGIThe conversation investigated the systematic heterogeneity in cooperative decision-making across spouses in arranged and love matched marriages in Pakistan. The discussion also delved into the strength of the social norms and personal beliefs relating to marriage arrangements.  

Dr. Uzma Afzal is an Assistant Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in LUMS. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Nottingham and a Post-Doc from New York University Abu Dhabi. She is a Fellow at the Center for Behavioral and Institutional Design (C-BID) NYUAD and an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Development and Economic Alternative (IDEAS), Pakistan. Dr. Afzal’s research interests lie in behavioural and experimental economics and applied microeconomics to study topics in development such as health and nutritional inequalities, household decision-making and agency, and poverty alleviation.